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Why you should attend WordCamp, my experience from the last two I attended.


In 2016, I attended my first WordCamp in Cape Town. Since moving to Cape Town, I have been working with WordPress. However, I wasn’t aware that such a community of developers exists around me until my (previous) boss informed me of a conference that sparked my interest. My first WordCamp helped me grow and master my development skills.

So why should you attend WordCamp? I’ll give a few reasons and tell you about how WordCamp has helped me.

1. It is a global conference

WordPress is a global community, so the WordCamp conference is held all around the world where WordPress users from beginners to advanced developers meet and share ideas.

2. You meet new people

At WordCamp, you will meet amazing people from everywhere in the WordPress community. People from other countries attend WordCamp to offer diverse insights and you will surely meet people from other tech communities. WordCamp is a great opportunity to connect and network with folks in the tech community.

3. You’ll definitely learn something new

Before my first WordCamp, I knew nothing about plugin development, I attended a session ‘Introduction to Plugin Development’ where I learned to build a simple plugin like the ‘Hello Dolly’ plugin. After then I was able to build other simple or single function plugins. And after my second WordCamp, I build advanced WordPress plugins. I also gained more knowledge from other workshops and talks.
The workshops at WordCamp are group into different sessions where you can choose which is suitable for your skills.


Yes, SWAGS. These are the free stuff you get at WordCamp, and they’re always useful, I’ve got t-shirts, pens, flash drives, notebooks and lots of amazing stuff from the WordCamps I attended.

WordCamp Lagos 2018
This will be the first WordCamp in Nigeria and because Nigeria is fast growing in Tech now it is going to be a boost for the Tech Community in Nigeria. You can find the details below:
All information regarding WordCamp Lagos can be found at
Buy your tickets at
If you or your company would like to sponsor WordCamp Lagos 2018 and reach 500 WordPress Enthusiasts; Users/Bloggers/Developers/Designers/Entrepreneurs/Startups, the call for Sponsors is open at
If you would like to submit a talk or workshop idea, the call for speakers is now open at
If you would like to help out the call for volunteers is now open at
If you would like to cover WordCamp Lagos, the call for media partners is now open at

Hope to see you at WordCamp Lagos 2018.

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