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10 Things You Should Do at WordCamp Lagos

So it’s just a few hours to the first WordCamp in West Africa, WordCamp Lagos. If this is your first WordCamp or your first tech conference, you might be wondering about the things you should do at the WordCamp, so here are a few tips;

1. Say Hello to a stranger – with a smile

With almost 300 attendees, there will be a lot of new faces, so the first thing you should do as you arrive is to say “HELLO” to someone and introduce yourself.

2. Don’t forget to pick up your swags

A lot of free gifts are available for you at the conference, walk around and get them, also don’t forget to pick up your WordCamp shirt.

3. Grab something to eat during the breaks

There are about 2 or 3 breaks during the sessions, where you can get something to eat and drink, walk around, grab something to eat and interact with people.

4. Choose the right sessions

At WordCamp Lagos, there will be an abundance of sessions to choose from—many more than you’ll be able to attend. Look at all the sessions (Talks and Workshops) you’re interested in, then make sure you’re getting to attend a range of topics, skill-building sessions, and social events, and still allowing for some downtime.

And if you find yourself in a session that isn’t quite what you thought it was going to be, don’t feel bad about skipping out and going to a different one. WordCamp is all about using your time wisely and getting the most out of all that’s there.

5. Write something down during the talk sessions

Collect notes and information in a way that makes it easy to access when you return to the office. Regardless of your note-taking format of choice (pen and paper, laptop, tablet, smartphone), at the end of each session you attend, write down the three key takeaways and any follow-up you want to do on the topic or with the speakers.

6. Learn something new at the workshops

Learn a new tech trick at the workshops sessions, be attentive and don’t be shy to ask questions when you’re giving a chance to.

7. Connect with the speakers

The speakers at WordCamp Lagos are key experts you want to know. So don’t be afraid to ask questions or hang around (even as the last person) at a session to say hello, tell them you loved the presentation, and grab their business cards. And if you don’t get a chance to ask your question in person, you can always follow up on their social media accounts.

Find the list of speakers here.

8. Take pictures (a lot of pictures)

The memories pictures hold are priceless, so as you meet new people, ask to take one or two pictures with them, take pictures with the speakers, organisers. And don’t forget to use the #WCLagos2018 hashtag as you post them on social media accounts.

9. Don’t miss the after party

DON’T MISS the After-Party! This is one of the best places to connect with the community. We’re one of the friendliest communities out there, and there are so many of us eager to get to know more peeps! WP communities actually want more people and we’re full of intentional community builders so let this give you the gentle nudge you need to dive in.

10. Make new friends

By the end of the day, you should have made at least two new friends, get their contacts and within a week of returning from the event, send a personal follow-up to everyone you met to let them know you enjoyed meeting them. Also set up a phone call or face-to-face meeting with anyone you specifically want to do business or build a relationship with.

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