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3 reasons why you might wanna consider wordpress for your next project

If you’re the owner of a small business website, you’ve probably heard about WordPress. And if you haven’t yet built your site with it, you may be wondering whether it is right for your needs. Here are some reasons why you should get into WordPress as soon as possible.

Let me preface this article by saying this: The following is just my opinion, and I’m not here to give you good or bad advice. *Sigh*

WordPress is a No-Brainer for Small Business Websites

There is no way around it. WordPress is what makes small businesses websites easy to maintain and update. Adding and altering content is a cinch with WordPress, and the supporting plugins and plugins for things like contact forms and forms automation are inexpensive.

There are plenty of free WordPress themes. While the vast majority of them aren’t that great, there is one theme that stands out from the crowd – Boomerang. It is a WordPress-based theme that makes it easy (and affordable!) to create one-page websites for each of your small business categories.

WordPress is a Universal Platform

WordPress can function as a single-page website. You don’t have to build anything extra besides a page with text, graphics, and a menu. And while you do have to contribute content to the community, the cost is incredibly low, and contributions can encourage other developers to add new features to your theme.

While doing this, you might notice that WordPress is much more custom than other WordPress plugins (like GTmetrix and Yoast). There is nothing more customizable about WordPress than its themes. With themes you can add information panels and other useful content to your page.

You’ll also notice that WordPress themes aren’t limited to just businesses. By working within a theme ecosystem, you can use the same themes to add product detail pages, product category pages, and blog pages to your website.

All of this, combined with the massive and growing plugin and add-on community, make WordPress an incredibly powerful tool for small business websites.

WordPress is Flexible

WordPress is designed to work seamlessly on a variety of platforms. With mod_rewrite you can easily add and disable specific pages or even entire sections of your website, and there are so many plugins available that Google even provides a plugin directory!

However, there are some sites that require a custom-engineered solution. That’s where the Handy Plugin for WordPress comes in.


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